Fun Wine Shoot

June 23, 2016

Fun Wine Shoot

Hello friends!

I hope you are staying cool on these crazy hot days.  Summer is definitely here in SC.

I have been busy adding more images to my new shop here, as well as etsy. Taking advantage of a slow spell at the salon while people are taking vacations.

I wanted to share a fun shoot I did with one of my clients who asked me if I'd be interested in coming over and taking some wine themed photos to use on the walls in the dining area of their new home.  I thought that sounded fun! She and her boyfriend wanted to use some of their favorite wines and take them around their house for a more personal feeling. 

Once we got going, we got more creative. We did some inside,

A lot outside...

And because she is an opera singer, and Professor of voice and music at USC, she wanted some in the music room as well.

I love the ones inside the piano! (that's her on the bottle of wine on the piano and in the line of bottles in the upper right of the outside shots!)

But the ones we both really liked are the more contemporary, modern looking shots we did in the fluted glasses. We think they look pretty cool!

She will be using most of these, and I will be listing a couple in my shops. I also submitted some to my agency, and we shall see if they take any.

I thought it was a fun experience, and just like people ask you over to photograph their kids, family, or pets.. why not other items they have or want photographed for their homes?

What would you have photographed to be decor in your home? Your garden, your collection? The front of your house/porch? Things you bake?

I'd love to know. :)

I'll be back with another fun shoot, and to show you the card that is now available from Papyrus featuring my image!

Have a great day!




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