Graduation day

June 11, 2016

Graduation day

We went to Beaufort Memorial Day weekend to watch our niece Mattie graduate from Beaufort High School. Valedictorian!

We couldn't be more proud of her and even tho everyone thinks their kid, Grandkid, niece, or nephew is the best kid ever, they'd all be wrong this day.  ;)

She was only 9 when I met her, but I could tell right away she was something special.  She's the kid who isn't obsessed with her phone, but with books. She will look you in the eye and have a meaningful conversation with you.

She laughs easily, and is witty, but she has this great even temperament. Always open and humble. Great with kids, and is the one who sticks up for the bullied or underprivileged.

She was great at basketball, and worked very hard to contribute to her team. She is definitely a team player.


Kelly, Mattie, and Chris' sister Melissa


Mattie delivered a great speech.  Looking back reflectively, and looking forward optimistically. Inspiring. Moving. Thoughtful.


I loved that the Principle mentioned her in his speech and asked if she had any advice for him. :) He gave her the hashtag #unstoppable Love it!


We had fun taking her senior pictures, I'm happy to finally share them. She is a beautiful young lady.


We finished up at Chris' Mom's house, and of course we really missed her, but we knew she was with us.



We did her Graduation announcements, and at the time we were so very excited to be announcing that she was going to Duke, but after learning about Scholarships, Grants, and a family discussion about student loans, etc. She decided she is going to the Honors College at the University of South Carolina! 



It is a very prestigious college. They are rolling out the red carpet for her.

Of course we are even more excited (selfishly) that she will be here locally where we can see her more often and she will have family and friends close to make her college experience even better. 

We're happy she'll be a Gamecock!


Congratulations Mattie! Class of 2016!


Love this young lady. :)


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